How to Choose a Track Lighting for your Retail Store

Guides on Retail Lighting Design

As we know that the essence of design is to create a unique experience between human and space, while light is the main medium to build this bonding. When planning your business layout, one of the important details is the lighting design of your store. To choose the right lighting helps to create a warm and attractive atmosphere and provide a good shopping experience. A recent study from Lux suggests even indicated that in-store lighting can actually help to guide customers through your store and increase the average spend per customer.

Among all, track lighting is now the new trendy for lighting design due to its versatility and variety. You can arrange the number of lights bulbs and their angle at your will. Choosing the good track lighting and achieving a perfect lighting effect for your store and products aren’t that difficult once understand some basic principles. This guide will help you get through all of the problems that you may encounter in lighting design.

4 primary lighting types

There are four primary lighting types, which are accent lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting, and general (also ambient) lighting. Accent lighting helps to highlight the specific areas, such as the display stand or the painting on the wall. Task lighting is mainly used in areas where certain tasks are to performed like checkout stand. Decorative lighting combines lighting function with decorative elements and achieves an aesthetic effect. While general lighting serves the main light source of the store. In order to achieve a sense of order and variation, it’s better to consider the combination of different types of lighting rather than adopt only one. And Track lighting is often used as accent & decorative lighting.

Track types

  1. Linear
    The simplest and commonly-seen track lighting is the linear type. It mainly consists of three parts, which are track light power source and light. You can even choose where the power source place for a better shape.

  1. Flexible track
    If you can’t find a satisfying one with linear track and prefer a more decorative one, you can find a flexible track light. You can customize your track into curved one or different length.

How to choosing the good track lighting

  1. Brightness: Lumens have now become the new way to determine the brightness of a bulb or integrated LED light fixture emits. Though there are many other ways like lux and nits to measure the brightness, lumens are the most practical way to tell you the visible light intensity that is produced by a bulb.

  2. Light color: The tone of light —— we often refer to warm or cold —— can give a very different shopping experience. Warm tones create a cozy and relax air while cold tones lend the store a high-class atmosphere. You can mix two up depends on tour space plan and products.

  1. Compatibility: Track lighting has different track style. The popular track lighting styles are H-style, J-style, and L-style. Noted that J-style & L-style are not compatible with H-style track!

Where to buy track lights

Although track lighting is not difficult to find, the point is how to get the most appropriate lighting layout for your product. Professional commercial lighting manufacturer that offers customized lighting design is preferred. JC Lighting, the professional commercial lighting solutions provider established in 1988, has cooperated with overseas and domestic companies varied from luxury brands to supermarket. Its high end track lighting is well received by the customers.

Following the tips mentioned above, you now have a rough idea of how to choose good tracking lights for your retail room. Always remember your lighting is to give good shopping experience of the customers and show your products’ characteristics.

Author by Spitfire Media